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Portland, Oregon
United States




Time Management



Who Am I?

I'm an independent, dependable, friendly, and artistic person.

I'm focused and dedicated with scheduled social outings, events, and professional projects.

I'm unique, outgoing, and according to people who know me, I'm quirky too.

Enjoy my portfolio!

WHEN people ask me "what was your degree in?", I say, "Digital Technology and Culture; I went to WSUV and majored in Creative Media and Digital Culture".

What Is That?

Well... The CMDC major focuses on:

conceptualizing interactive, multimedia applications of computer technology
— CMDC Program Description


Anyone who has experience with this program knows how to think;

critically about digital media and the ways humans interact and engage
— CMDC Program Description

When a person becomes involved in DTC, they get a sense of family-They feel a part of something special. The professors also do their best to make an individual feel less as a student, and more as a professional, comrade, and part of the community. 

We DTC-ers are so savvy that we have created a social network for the CMDC community! It will hopefully become as trendy as Facebook. 

The CMDC is a fun program and I had an amazing experience!

I have a wide range of expertise: This is why I am a multimedia content editor and designer.

I have a wide range of expertise: This is why I am a multimedia content editor and designer.

My Backstory: For Further Explanation

I love art: Working with color theory, designing in various mediums, working with space, form, line, textures, and the various visual perspectives.  I also love working on computers-Researching web designs, surfing the internet, and exploring the electronic art medium. 

Before I received my Associate's in Art degree, I knew I wanted to transfer to a university for enhancing my passion of the art genre and continuing my professional journey.

I discovered Washington State University Vancouver (sister school of WSU Pullman and home of the Cougars!). I found out about the Digital Technology and Culture program at WSUV: A perfect choice for working on art and computers. 

I gained experience in web design and development, database knowledge, digital animation, video and sound editing, music creation and editing, and graphic design/production knowledge. My degree is broad but that does not hinder me from becoming a Multimedia Specialist and being an amazing professional. 

I now have a better understanding and deeper love for my passion. I know the set-up, editing process, and production process for multimedia content. I understand how to work with many software programs within my field. I know which software to use for the type of project and the little details within those programs. Thus, Multimedia and Digital Media is where I can excel in the digital art realm.

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